Tradition transformed into a masterful traditional delicacy. With exclusively natural ingredients, our halva offers a unique, timeless enjoyment.

Turkish delight

The story of the legendary Turkish delight from Prilep begins more than 100 years ago and is written inside the package. Times have changed but the passion, love and attention in the making of Donia Lokum remain to this day.

Jelly bonbons

Нашите желе бонбони се исполнети со природни овошни сокови за да ви приредат едно вистинско овошно доживување.

Tea biscuits

Prepared with special care, our tea cookies offer a timeless delight. Melting in their mouths, they make an irresistible duo with a hot cup of tea. 

Belani strudel

Carefully prepared strudels with fruit jam that have a special softness and juiciness to offer you a timeless pleasure are our Belani.


Cookie lovers can recognize Bakehouse cookies that are soft, crunchy and accessible to everyone's taste.

Wafer Sheets

For a quick and easy dessert, here are our wafers. Delicious sweet that does not bake and is very easy to prepare.